Property Management Services, Comox Valley, Campbell River

Professional Property Management Services by Advanced Property Management Inc.

When shopping for a Property Manager, you are looking for a professional who will understand your needs and those of your investment property.  Our current client base has noted that a large industry "miss" between Owner’s and their Property Manager is the fundamental need for communication.  We recognize this gap, and have addressed that need within our organization, whereby communication between Property Manager and Owner has formed a critical part of our management function.  Whether you require information about your tenant, accounting, your building, or any other concerns, one of our enthusiastic staff is available and able to address your questions and concerns in a prompt and courteous manner.  Advanced Property Management offers convenience and peace of mind to all our Owners, regardless of our Owner’s level of involvement with the management of their investment property.

What do we do?

Advanced Property Management will work with you to improve your investment and set your mind at ease through:

  • drafting and placing effective advertisements to ensure maximum response volume
  • appropriate screening of prospective tenants
  • showing and routine inspections of your property
  • securing security and pet deposits in accordance with the RTA
  • coordinating routine maintenance and repairs
  • obtaining quotes and supervising more substantial maintenance or improvement projects to your property, with Owner approval
  • payment of any bills related to the rental property as directed by the Owner (maintenance, utilities, advertising, strata fees, property taxes, etc.)
  • preparation of documents for Arbitration and participate in Arbitration hearings when extraordinary circumstances demand
  • remitting necessary payments, over and above routine maintenance and repairs, on behalf of Owners, such as strata fee and insurance payments
  • timely preparation of monthly reports, allowing you to compare and evaluate your income and expenses
  • preparation of year end income statements for tax purposes

Advanced Property Management also specializes in Crisis Management for those Owners who are able to self manage, but have specific issues that are beyond their ability or desire to resolve.  For more information, please contact our office directly.

How can we make your life easier?

Our objective is to ensure that your property is effectively managed so that your investment works for you, and you are not working for your investment.  We can achieve this by:

  • appropriately selecting tenants to minimize tenant changeover and related changeover costs
  • ensuring you are obtaining fair market value for rental income
  • taking advantage of annual rent increases as permitted by the Residential Tenancy Act
  • maintaining your property so that small problems do not become huge issues
  • allowing you to participate as little or as much as you choose in the management of your property
  • liaise with Strata Managers, where applicable, and attend meetings on behalf of Owners as permitted, to create a desirable place to live